Varveris & Associates focuses on the needs of our clients.  We take the time to learn about their business and finances, to ask the right questions and listen.  We strive to identify and implement creative solutions to their problems, and provide information so as a team we can make informed decisions.



Varveris & Associates assists individual clients with tax minimization, estate planning, stock option planning and cash flow management.  Our clients come to us to ensure they pay no more tax than the minimum required and maximize the benefit of their tax deductions.  
        We represent clients in tax audits and help them resolve other tax disputes on a favorable basis.  We also help clients analyze investments, negotiate settlements or payment plans for past due liabilities, and file past due tax returns.

        Our services for corporate companies include tax planning, tax provision and consolidated return preparation, implementation of accounting systems, acquisition analysis, acquisition negotiation, and financial statement preparation and review.  We have also served as a design consultant for tax return preparation software.

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Tax Management, Accounting & Consulting